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Originally Posted by Dfee View Post
I really think I had a major problem with feeding and that's what brought Dino's. Like half a cube of mysis every 3-4 days. (75 gal)

I feed a whole cube everyday now plus seaweed. Added a fuge with cheato. Added pods and phyto. Now I only see them when I do a water change that will last in a slight dusting for about a week. So they aren't gone yet, got my nitrates up to 40

So how do I keep my tank from getting too dirty because apparently I can never do a water change again? Ive looked into carbon dosing but have mixed feelings about it.
I have had the same problem as far as water changes go. When I think I have a handle on the situation and the Dinos seem to disappear for a while, I've done water changes and it seems to come back worse than before.

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