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Originally Posted by karimwassef View Post

Dinos are the last stage infection IMO. Just about anything else waterborne is more tolerable if you plan on keeping SPS.

I guess that just as with blood transfusions, you'd need to make sure your supply is healthy. But when I was ready to tear down the tank, this would have been acceptable risk. Like life-saving surgery... 10% chance of survival is better than 0%.
I think there's potential for some cooperation here.

In the algae scrubber basics thread there are people pulling hunks of GHA harvest and sad about throwing away so much life and looking for some use.

In the dinoflagellates thread there are people looking for ways to add algae/bacteria/pods and general biodiversity to outcompete dinos.

Messed up quoting with link but oh well.
"I'm torn. The export is so full of life - pods, worms, starfish, serpent stars, snails.. Even the green water I get from squeezing it is full of life jumping and flicking.
My Chaeto export goes to the fish store or friends, but no one will take GHA export. I couldn't toss it, so I made one of my quarantines into a GHA holding tank while I think about it.
Any ideas on saving life in the GHA?"

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