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Thank you, 34cygni, for typing all that out. The biggest thing I got out of your posts is that "Thinking about that led me to wonder if green phyto might be uniquely hostile towards dinos, as dinoflagellates horned in on a cozy duopoly: green algae and cyano basically ran the oceans for about a billion-and-a-quarter years before dinos evolved. Green algae outcompetes cyano for P at high N levels; cyano outcompetes green algae for N at high P levels. This was so effective at scouring nutrients out of NSW that dinos didn't even try to buck the system, but instead went with a radical, outside-the-box solution: heterotrophy. And because dinos were the first of the three main primary producers of the modern oceans to evolve, there was nothing to distract green algae from looking for ways to beat them down."

It seems that the "magic bullet" might actually be just dosing live phyto, in particular, nannochloris? As we've never actually seen any evidence that copepods predate on dinos, we've just assumed dosing phyto promotes zooplankton which predate on dino.

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