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It's a great story but a number of links are based on some pretty wild assumptions. I don't know where to take it except to a marine microbiologist to support or refute the interesting connections here.

The question is - what experiment can we run to see if this is the right link? The next question is - what do we need to do more of to support the coral-friendly bacteria if they are the heroes we've been waiting for?

Carbon dosing is used by a lot of reef keepers but only a few develop dinos. Why don't they all develop dino plagues if those bacteria are dino allies? Is it a function of their skimming efficiency? The more mucus that can be extracted from the water, the better?

I skimmed very heavily and used UV and it worked - with the addition of phyto and pods. Why? Was my UV killing the bacteria floating with the dinos vs. the bacteria living in the coral mucus at night? Was my skimming pulling it out?

lots of interesting ideas and questions. we need some empirical detective work to prove/disprove the assumptions.

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