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Originally Posted by Fish Keeper82 View Post
Let your corals tell you. I feed 2 cubes and quite a bit of flakes a day in my 126 gal since doing the dirty methid with the skimmer off now for about a week.
To my surpeise my nitrate has only climbed to 4 ppm but corals look much better now quite possibly better than ever now that im feeding more. My nitrate was .25 to .5 ppm before going dirty method.
Feed more... if your corals respond bad then try something else. They might surprise you. Mine certaintly did.
Thanks for reply. My other concern is that I have a six line wrasse in my reef tank. I don't know if I should move him out of tank since he's eating all the pods :/ which I think it the whole reason for the dirty method right? To increase pods.

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