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Originally Posted by karimwassef View Post
Keep in mind that UV kills everything so it's like cleaning up the canvas for you to paint a new painting. If you don't actively populate with beneficial elements, the bad ones will return.

I added bacteria, chaeto from healthy tanks, thousands of pods and new live rock. I also used heavy wet skimming to export the dead.
Added new pods, macro algae so far. Looking actively for good bacteria additive.

Should UV be run constantly or only when problems arise? Or only at night? What is recommended? I was under the impression it was to be run all the time.
My husband did his research on them and made sure it was set up and plumbed correctly with its own pump and all. I was under the impression that the UV only killed the things it came in contact with in the water column. Isn't there a lot of bacteria in the tank that will not run through it that is in the rocks and sand? If it doesn't run through the UV, how does it kill it? At any rate, I think it seems to be working on the dino's.

90 gallon Fish only tank

Current Tank Info: 90 gal tank AquaMax skimmer LED EchoTech Gen 3 lights Gyre150 RO/DI water

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