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Originally Posted by mannyhernz View Post
Will my corals be ok? Mainly sps
Also have a fuge with plenty chaeto and pods..
They will be fine. In fact I will guarantee you they will look much better and happier after the blackout considering the abuse they are getting with the dinos in there right now. After 3 days your tank will probably be mostly, if not all dino free and your corals will be very happy because of it. 3 days is not going to hurt your corals or fish, just feed them very heavily the day before. IME anything over that might. The most I've done is 4 days at which point I did start to see some of my SPS start to STN however I cannot prove that it was because of the blackout or something else.

If you do do a blackout, you will need complete darkness. Cover the tank and sump with blankets or something. Of course, continue on course with feeding heavily and repopulating your zooplankton and dosing phyto to promote other algaes and ensure the dinos don't come back. If you don't, depending on what species of dinos you have, blackouts only kick them back for a few days to up to a few weeks, then they return.

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