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Originally Posted by tastyfish View Post
Don't do a 3 day. It wont work. Others who have tried this have even witnessed the dinos coming back together in the water column when the lights come back on.

8 days minimum (I think I did 10) *complete* blackout (including sump, grow lights etc) with the tank covered, then slowly bring in blue-lights only over the next two weeks before introducing white WILL kill off nearly all of them.

Don't do half measures. at 4/5 days, I still had dinos clinging on, they were certainly in the water column past this time.
the point of the 3 day isn't to eradicate them as i mentioned in a later post...the point is simply to knock them back quite a bit which will allow other algaes to take a foothold...he has corals, sps in his pictures, an 8 day will surely kill them...and you have no idea what dinos i nor he has so you have no idea what a 3 day would my tank 3 days is all it took to clear them every single time and, followed by UV and dirty method is all it took

besides, prolonged blackouts may or may not be any different from shorter ones as the dinos are likely to return considering they can form cysts for months and survive in complete darkness...blackouts aren't the answer, they're just used to weaken the dino population in perparation for the real attack

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