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Originally Posted by tastyfish View Post
It's hard, but my and other's LPS and SPS came through. I have spoken to several people who have had dinos return en-mass after 3-4 day blackouts, and 8+ days worked for me, dino's were still present after 3 days.
reports of blackouts actually curing dinos are very slim and the risk to the already stressed SPS inhabitants are far too great when your blackout exceeds past 3 days...that magic number "3" isn't only from my own personal experiences either, just do a simple Google search for "how long can SPS go without light" and you're met with multiple links to surveys with hundreds of posts that they've gone 3 days with no ill effects to SPS...many even do regular monthly 3 day blackouts to help with other algae issues...but from my own personal experience my SPS started showing signs of stress and STN'ing at the 4 day mark...YMMV

So what is "the real attack"? Have I missed something?
Originally Posted by PorkchopExpress View Post
in my tank 3 days is all it took to clear them every single time and, followed by UV and dirty method is all it took
real attack being the dirty method...if a UV is present then it also helps alongside the blackout to further decrease dino's not necessary but neither is the blackout really...i think dirty method with a healthy population of copepods plus daily dosing of phyto is probably the minimum cure to dinos...however, the 3 day blackout and UV really kicks them back and gives you a head start on that competing algae repopulation that occurs due to the extra nutrients from going dirty..however seeing his pics of his dino infested rocks, i honestly think he needs to kick those dinos back a little bit, just enough to allow competing algae to take a foothold but not so much that he kills all his SPS

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