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Originally Posted by DNA View Post
If you can verify that your scope was at 400x I'd say they are amphidinium.
Could you please post a full tank size picture of your tank.

I'd like to see what kind of tank it takes to get them going or to kill them.
I take it you introduced them into a healthy tank and will post here whatever happens.
Scope was 400x.
Here's a full tank shot.

I was being slightly facetious. I didn't literally add them intentionally, I was however doing the same things that people in this thread say they were doing to get rid of hair algae when their dinos appeared.

65 gallons of water volume.
I had hair algae slowly growing, nitrates always tested zero, phosphate always .05-.07 despite long time carbon dosing and low amounts of GFO, so I did the following:

Dosed between 7.5/16 and 9/19 ml vodka/vinegar, so plenty excess carbon.
Changed food to all low P foods.
Dosed a total of 10g KNO3 over 3 weeks to add N and allow P to be removed by bacteria grown and skimmed.
Lowered my display lighting.

GHA declined significantly, P gradually too. Larger skimmate output, Cyano spots began showing up in timing that coincides with changes in carbon dosing. Brown dusting that turned out to be dinos followed cyano by about 2-3 weeks (though not in exactly same spots - more on that later).

I will update the thread, and I'd never had dinos or cyano in this tank before.

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