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Originally Posted by DNA View Post
No the green stuff I have not seen since then and I realize things in reef tanks are often more complex than they look.

What I'm saying is that I may have found the lowest levels of calcium and alkalinity that dinos can live with.
I entered this hobby for the corals and seeing them dying once more is a sinking feeling.

Throughout the years this whole dinoflagellates ordeal has been a pain, but at the same time an interesting challenge like no other.
One of the odd things that shine through are the constant low calcium levels and the total lack of precipitation in the presence of large calcium and kalkwasser reactors running a full efficiency. At the same time the corals grow little or nothing at all.

I'm leaving these findings in the cosmos for someone else to pick up.
Next round is going to be something less deadly.
I'm confused - Are you saying that dinos need calcium? or the opposite?

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