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Originally Posted by csammis View Post
I really think you should give the dirty method more time. I know it's frustrating but according to your previous posts you've been at this method for about a week, right? Other people in this thread have said that it takes several weeks to show results.

Starting over is an individual choice, sure, but a ton of evidence presented here says that dirty method works given time and starting over can be very expensive.

Have you considered making your own?
Have no idea how to make my own. And I want to give it more time, but the dinos are getting worse with the dirty method. I never use to have stringy snot, now I do. Before, it looked like diatoms all over. Now it looks like diatoms and stringy snot. I don't think the dirty method is the way to go with my type. Really wish I had a microscope to identify my crap.

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