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Originally Posted by EdenR View Post
Sadly I don't think that's good advice to tell someone with dinos to knowingly sell/give/trade their corals to someone else. That is exactly how I got them. I've ran a reef tank for over 10 years and never had a problem until I bought corals from someone that had them. The very next day was when I started seeing the stringy, slimy, dinos on my corals and by the end of the week my tank was fully covered in them. I even dipped the corals like I always do. I know it came from the frags because searching through my local forums I saw that the guy I bought the corals from asked for advice about how to get rid of them. I even contacted him and he said he had them before and was able to get rid of them through water changes. Clearly he was lying.

I've seen a lot of other local reefers lately getting them and it's spreading. They don't just come from nowhere. All tanks may have some form of dinos such as zooxanthelle but not all tanks have every kind like ostreopsis and amphidium.
Have you gotten rid of yours?

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