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Originally Posted by Billybatz9 View Post
Have you gotten rid of yours?
It's been about a month so I don't know if they're completely gone but I do not see them. I only registered after seeing that advice to give/sell corals from a dino-infected tank. I simply felt that is extremely irresponsible akin to telling someone with AIDS to go ahead and have unprotected sex in hopes that their immune system will fight it off. Again, I've never had dinos before in 10 years and they exploded very shortly after introducing frags that came from a dino infested tank.

As for the method(s) I used, I did not want to use H2O2, AlgaeX, Dinoxal, raise ALK, or any extended blackouts as my corals would suffer too much. Once I realized what I had, I began doing my research which lead me to this thread. I started somewhere in the middle and read up on Montireef adding his skimmate back into the tank which worked for him but he didn't know why nor could replicate it. I read up on Porkchop's UV method so I borrowed one from a friend who has a pond. And then cal_stir had great success with his dirty method so I included that in my plan on attack. I wanted to use a multi-pronged approach that made sense - get them into the water stream through a short blackout, eradicate them with strong UV, and finish them off with competition. Basically these posts are the methods I used:

Montireef's magic skimmate:

PorkChopExpress UV method:

cal_stir dirty method:

So thank you to those 3 pioneers for helping me with my problem!

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