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Originally Posted by reefcentral123 View Post
do you know how many lbs of LR it equates to in terms of surface area?
There's over 23,000 square feet of surface area within a single block. Depends on the LR. Not all LR is equal.

There's no LR that comes close to the porousity of the Cermedia blocks.

I think a block is equivalent to something around 50-100 lbs of good LR. Just a wild guess.

Lots of good info on cermedia's website.

Originally Posted by hogfanreefer View Post
As I recall they claim an 8x8x1 plate is enough surface area for a 100 gallon tank.
Depends on what you want to do.. Plates will house bacteria that consume ammonia and nitrites.

Plates can't house denitrifying bacteria. Only blocks can. Thicker = anaerobic bac in the middle = consume nitrates.

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