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Those bad boys look like my bad boys. hahaha

We have been running the UV for almost two weeks now I think. It has not completely gotten rid of the dino's mostly because they are not all going through the UV light. They have backed down a bit though. The sand is now speckled with them instead of covered. We have added more Macro algae, pods, have been siphoning the sandbed, adding phytoplankton and the tank has improved a lot. We are still doing water changes. There are actually times when the sand is white again. The dino's are no longer on the rocks, only the sandbed. The water is clear, the fish are more active and the corals are looking much much much better than they have in a long time so we are happier with the changes and hope for more. We have not added any bacteria supplement thus far due to lack of it being in this area and not knowing which one to go with.

90 gallon Fish only tank

Current Tank Info: 90 gal tank AquaMax skimmer LED EchoTech Gen 3 lights Gyre150 RO/DI water
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