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Originally Posted by seamonster124 View Post
new finding: Mixing live phytoplankton with dino infested water does not hurt dinos at all. At least not immediately. (Microscope observation)
Agreed, it's not that direct, not that magic. this thread wouldn't be here if it was.

I've also been messing around with adding micro-life.
I took skimmate, poured it in a bottle with a very slow air bubbler, set it in the sun during day and 2700k light at night. After a day and a half the mix had gone from brown to a light green.

Two tiny beakers with dino sand and tank water from the back of my tank (amphidinium) so each had 20 ml.
One I added 10 ml more of tank water (control) and the other I added 10 ml of my sun-treated skimmer "green tea".
I watched them to see who would "win" between the microlife and the dinos.
the dino population didn't change in a dramatic way, but the microlife really continued to progress.

After 48 hours (lit around clock day 1, lit during day, dark at night for day 2) this is what a representative sample of each looked like under the microscope.

Control: still dinos, outnumbering anything at least 10:1

skimmer "green tea" batch: still dinos also, but they are outnumbered 10-100 to 1 by other micro-life of many different sizes - nothing pod sized was seen.

If moving sandbed far far away from a Dino monoculture is a key to treatment, then this is good to see. I'm repeating the experiment on a gallon-size scale, while still watching the small beakers. If things progress along these lines, I'll start dumping sun cooked skimmer "green tea" into the tank sandbed.

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