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We need marketing.

We have been discussing dinos here fo a few years with some progress, but we have not come up with any means of repeatable method that is certain to get dinos under acceptable control. We have probably shed more light on them than anyone else anywhere and should be proud of that.

There are loads of reefers with this problem and they don't have a clue. They can't keep SPS corals and just keep buying new ones or get out of the hobby out of frustration. They are for sure in their hundreds if not thousands in any give time so uniting them in the hunt is a good idea.

I've written to a dozen of scientists and none of them even bothers to reply. It's raining up their noses and their knowledge is usually only good for an extremely narrow field.

We are in prime position with our infected reef tanks to do all kinds of test and here is the spot to share them.

We need thinkers and doers and the hobby free of this pest.

To recruit and unite them we need marketing.
Can you help?

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