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Originally Posted by DNA View Post
Now we have to have theories on what is really going on.

... your green tea killing effect could be palytoxin rather than devouring organisms.

I like your tests, a lot.
I hope your theory is right. That would be some delicious Shakespearean level irony.
I'm not a bio or chem person (physics degree) so my guesses may not be grounded in much, but here's my thoughts behind the tests.

1. Why do dinos make toxins and have chemical/physical methods for collecting together in such close quarters (chemical markers for their territory, mucous mats, attaching in strands)? Wouldn't spreading out be better?
Because they are weak! They can't thrive in a biodiverse free-for-all. They need a near vacuum of diversity and competition to really get rolling, and the toxins in close quarters enforce the near vacuum (bacteria farms).

2. If you have brown and green photosynthetic stuff, and put them in sunlight with plenty of nutrients, what happens?
Green wins.

Also interesting is what is definitely NOT happening in the beakers.
There are no signs whatsoever of pods of any kind. Not saying pods eating dinos isn't important elsewhere, just saying it ain't happening in these beakers.

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