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Hydra 26 LEDS for me

Update from post 2696: My Dinos have been in check ever since I installed my UV sterilizer. They are very manageable. Corals are not bothered by Dinos anymore, all are open and happy and got color back I thought was lost to months of Dinos bothering them. There is just a slight brown dusting on the sand floor and they do not gather in numbers enough to have the strings at all( no Dinos on the rocks). Still trying the dirty method currently with PO4 at .10ppm and nitrates at 8ppm. Even did some water changes with no significant Dino increase.
However, Dinos have been on the rise in the last few days. This coincides with my Return pump impeller breaking (new impeller in the mail). My UV sterilizer is offline as well since it is fed from a manifold from my return pump. Dinos has doubled in 3 days. At this rate my Dinos will be back to the numbers they previously were in a matter of a week or two.
When the impeller gets in I plan on doing a 2 day lights out with UV again to get them back in check.
So far while we come up with a real proven solution, UV is an excellent bandage and its let me not worry about Dinos even though they are still there in small numbers.

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