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Originally Posted by taricha View Post
Nyxx photo: I vote yes. Dinos.

Yours: not sure, but that description in a low nutrient system is more strongly suggestive of dinos than your picture.

I have been puzzling about this feedback, as of now I still not sure if I am having dinos or not but some one have asked me to turn off all the flows to stop current in my DT and wait for 15 mins , and if there are floating slime string like things then that is dinos , and I have tried and I saw a lots of floating slime string like stuff measuring several centimeters in length.

As discuss here, the causative agent for Dinos is due to nitrogen but someone say it may be some hose that we use is excreting some softener causing to have dinos in our tank?

Can anyone give me your valued advise and comments if this was indeed positively Dinos ? And the hose we use except silicone and PVC are causing this dinos at the end ? Or due to the N that strongly discuss here?

I attached here a video that aside from the said free floating slime string stuff , I also saw the long said algae like stuff attached to glass wall:



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