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Okay... I am so done with these dino's that I'm ready to give up but don't want too. Here is what I'm thinking about doing and would like some feedback.

1. Take all of my fish back to the LFS or sell them to other local reefers (including sand sifting star, crabs and snails)

2. Remove all of my rocks from my tank and put them in a tub of tank water with a power head and skimmer to keep it good.

3. Remove and discard all of the live sand in my tank

4. Clean the entire tank, sump and do some re-build the return lines (nothing to do with the dino's but something I've wanted to do for some time).

Questions (when re-starting):
1. should I go bare bottom or get new sand?
2. should I try and save some of the current tank water (50%) or should I start from scratch will all new water?
3. put the rocks back into the tank

Once this is done, I will have to wait for the tank to cycle all over again, but I can't deal with the dino's any more.

Please let me know your thoughts!

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