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Regarding coccos, I can think of a couple of observations that might show weak evidence for them in my tank.
My water is completely clear under normal light, but under blacklight it's hazy. This kind of scattering indicates particles at least the size of the wavelength of light 375nm, so ~.4 microns and large. Additionally they must be strongly fluorescent to be visible under UV blacklight. Calcium carbonate is, as is paper, and a million other things.
Additionally if I skim dry and put vinegar on the dry skimmate scum and get bubbles, would that indicate CaCO3? Haven't tried it.
Now to the part that strongly suggests I have virtually no cocco activity in my tank - or at least I didn't for months.
My calcium tested around 485 (+- 15)
And my alk at dkh 10 (+-1)
(Mg high too)
...consistently in test after test for like 4 months despite no additions of any of those.

Having said all that, I'm still grasping at the suggested connection between coccos and dinos. Do we think they are competitors? are the coccos dino food?
Does the presence of one indicate water parameters unfriendly to the other?

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