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I have not read though this entire thread but i have been following for half a year or so, forgive me if this has already been mentioned.
Its been kicked around in the local reef club of trying some technology used over seas using nano micro bubbles to produce a skimming effect in the tank.These nano micro bubbles is thought to be so small that they can get multipe bubbles under contaminants and lift them for skimming which would include Dinos. Micro bubbles would be too big or this to work it would have to be nano bubbles. So bubble size is very important.
This is mainly being used in some aquariums as a trial method to help corals grow by giving them a "cleaning" with these nano bubbles every night while the lights are off. I've read this might remove Dinos and Cyano as well. I came across this link that explains how it works in detail and even shows its effects on red tides.
Its been suggested that using a nano bubbler (wooden air stone)in the return section of the tank will get best results since bubbles will be further chopped by the return pump.

Someone mentioned on here a while back (I belive it was DNA but cant remember or find the post)they thought Dinos would not have a chance if they made it inside any decent skimmer well this would turn your whole tank into a skimmer for a few hours a night.
In the link is shows how nano bubbles do not pop but rather disapate so it wont increase salt creep if the bubbles are indeed small enough.
As soon as i can get my hands on a wooden air stone im trying this out.
In my case i would have to do it during peak daylight since my Amphidinium Dinos are only out on the sand during light and retreat into the sand at night.
As mentioned before some people are trying this already for other reasons but it's been suggested to work on Dinos.

Could it really be this simple?
Ideas on low cost nano bubble generators?

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