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Update on the crubber guys... deff still have dynos, but I don't see any on rock/coral, I know they are in the water. Every day when I take out the scrubber I can smell them within seconds.

I modified my Refugium light schedule to be more in sync with tank lights. I figured my UV wasn't working to it's best and lights were on in Refugium at night any I am sure some dyno's were there sticking to macro algae. So now refugium and tank light schedules overlap by 6 hours, and UV gets about 8 hours of total tank darkness.

I have a theory on how to confirm/deny if tank is almost completely dyno free and would love it if someone could confirm my theories. In my tank, Anthelia sp is very unhappy when dynos are present. This was actually my first sign they were back, one of the anthelias I have stopped opening up. Now, it's finally coming back and opening again, which makes me think I might be slowly winning the battle. Can anyone else confirm that?

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