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ok.. it's been 4 days and nights since I added the CC and with a 100gal water change... I still have foam. No negative effects, but still got foam.

My sump has three zones..

the first is turbulent crashing in and has the skimmer inlet.
the second is the scrubbers with some wave action and has the skimmer and chiller outlet.
the third is the calm sensor zone with almost no surface motion before being returned to the tank.

This is the same water flowing through the sump - but look at the difference in water surface

 photo 8A3250DF-464A-40E3-8FC0-B68316CA479E_zps0vvn1h1z.jpg

 photo F7C963BE-EDEE-4BD6-AD88-DCBC7A7C3238_zpsgu2k6quv.jpg

 photo F1447E7E-C0FF-4AC7-8669-6781F5E31627_zpsvxos0duy.jpg

The last stage looks like it has an oily film almost.. I tried to show it better here
 photo 0C7966BE-3A7D-40CF-AF3D-70A8A1E093C4_zpsgbe3t00a.jpg

My new waterfall ATS has nice smooth flow on one side but splashes more on the other, look at the water surface on either side

 photo E6F8CF3B-43A3-4E95-BAB8-36F11F3ACD4C_zpsgspiiceu.jpg

Sure there are lights on the right, but you can tell the difference in water surface "gloss?"

I'll make a video of my surface agitation - that might explain a few more things about the use of CC.

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