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Originally Posted by PorkchopExpress View Post
no one knows what exactly is in it but most think it's basically erhythromycin, the same stuff we take for bacterial infections
Ran across this by RHF in another place laying out the reasons to conclude chemiclean is erythromycin...

"We always suspected it was just because they said, weirdly, that it wasn't erythromycin succinate:
Contains no phosphates, algaecides or erythromycin succinate
Not that it doesn't contain erythromycin or that it doesn't contain antibiotics. Sort of like saying an aquarium additive has no copper chloride in it, when folks are asking about copper and couldn't care less about chloride.

Claude of Fauna Marine comments here that it was analyzed by the government in Germany and found to violate rules due to having erythromycin in it:
We had in germany a big scandal due to this and the product was analyzed by the veterany office of Hannover
and they showed that this product is erythromycine sulfate .. this is a antibiotics whic normaly only a doctor can give up
due to the usage in this case and this ammounts the possibilitly of unwanted resistance is very big

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