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Could iodine possibly be the cause of Dino?

So I have had Dino's for a year now, they are the free floating rusty bubble kind that get stuck to corals and kill them. The back wall and pumps are also covered in them.

The problem first occured when I changed my T5 bulbs which were about 15-18months old.

I used to be on Zeovit and always has 0 nitrate, and 0.03 phosphate. While on this method I had tried complete black outs, no water changes etc. nothing helped so I just tried to wait it out.

Recently I decided to stop Zeovit, I have added siporax to my sump and I added GFO. Within the first week or 2 of running GFO, the dino's looked as though they shifted to another kind, they were now the more browny hairy kind stuck to the back wall with bubbles in it and my corals were looking cleaner, I thought this might be the beginning of winning the war. I then decided to change the GFO incase it was exhausted so that it could keep up what seemed to be great progress. It then went back to the original type and is strangling my corals again.

After a lot of reading, I have now decided to try nitrate dosing, i'm only a couple days in but I plan to raise this to about 5ppm, currently I have raised it to 0.5ppm.

Then it hit me, even though I havent been doing water changes, what have I been adding to the tank? the only thing I have been adding is Lugols. So today I decided to google Iodine and Dino's. What comes up? Dino's being preserved in Lugols solution along with other micro algae and plankton for Microscopic analysis.

Could I have found the solution? Is it possible that the Dino's are being fuelled and protected within the tank by the Lugols?

If this is possible it got me thinking maybe the reason no water changes works for some people is that the iodine completely bottoms out. Now, apart from me stopping the addition of Lugols, is there anything I can use to deplete the iodine in the system so I can test that this is the case?

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