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Steam may be a caution yes I agree. Where I was exposed to it I noticed a bit of a runny nose; the water was boiled mainly out in the open so I didn't become over exposed to it, most went to atmosphere which I must advise to do.

The way I did it was used an old catering boiler.

I targeted the sand bed only, I Syphoned the brown fluffy mull that was found under the sand.
The 25 litre tub was filled,and emptied into the boiler where I heated it until near boiling point.
(I had to bypass the thermostat underneath to do this) which is a two minute job.

Once I had it boiling, the brown die off from the dino scum raised up to the surface, I used a cup which I gently submerged to skim off the stuff I didn't want back in my tank.

I used a small pump and a length of hose to create a trickle over a peice of glass fronted by a office fan just in front to quickly cool off the water back to 26 degrees.

Once cooked I'd then add this back to the tank.

I repeated this every evening for a week of so, the water become clear after about 4 days.. And the slime just disappeared..

You can avoid the cooling process if you do a waterchange first..

Obviously Keep the old water, this would allow a batch in hand to start (where you can boil the 1st one, then let it cool in its own time. )
The following night boil the 2nd, but then replace the 1st batch which would have already been cooled from the night before.

This would ease the workload - which I only thought about after I'd done mine..

Hope it's of help to someone..

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