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I just have suggested caution above.. I have also stated a runny nose.. It could have been hay fever.. But I'd rather suggest the boiling to avoid mis guidance.

I think if I was going to die, I'd have done that about 8 months ago.. I never knew what dinos was when I was first aquatinted with them..

My hand was in the tank more than out, if there was going to ever going to be a complication it would have no doubt, been then..!

Syphoning water, cuts on my hands (etc) it's had plenty of chances to have got me..

I'm giving a solution to Dinoflagelletes, should you wish to take it.. As above.. Do so taking the required precautions..

Do it outside.. Put a lid on the boiler.. Let it cool in its own time.. Obvoiusley don't breath it in..

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