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Originally Posted by Livingjewels View Post
I just have suggested caution above.. I have also stated a runny nose.. It could have been hay fever.. But I'd rather suggest the boiling to avoid mis guidance.

I think if I was going to die, I'd have done that about 8 months ago.. I never knew what dinos was when I was first aquatinted with them..

My hand was in the tank more than out, if there was going to ever going to be a complication it would have no doubt, been then..!

Syphoning water, cuts on my hands (etc) it's had plenty of chances to have got me..

I'm giving a solution to Dinoflagelletes, should you wish to take it.. As above.. Do so taking the required precautions..

Do it outside.. Put a lid on the boiler.. Let it cool in its own time.. Obvoiusley don't breath it in..
No, it's not obvious to many people. I've also seen you just suggest boiling with out description. Boiling inside with no precautions is a sure way to get you, your family, and pets sick or death which has occurred.

You have been lucky.

There are many different types of dinos each with various types of toxins.

Some could be benign like unique sterols, some more harmful like DSP, and some even more deadly like PSP or palytoxins.

Again, I personally do not suggest this method for most everyone.

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