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Originally Posted by jason2459 View Post
Soaking in bleach would be safer and just as effective if not more so. Boiling would leave behind lots of organics to decay.
How would you go about this bleaching method?
I have a full tank full of sps coral and fish, I assume your conclusion would be to close the tank down and do this externally?

You moot a worrying scenario, it eeks me to say this, but what happens if these paly toxins are in your tank and you don't understand what they are (being novice) and what your actually messing with.
I've heard about them affecting people off zoas, but nothing like your suggesting with regards to dinoflagellates??

It surprises me also that there a no 'sticky' tabs in the beginners section of these forums warning the hobbyist of such compromises.

Most reefers like myself will no doubt just tackle them.. Like I have done. In order to get a result..

Just whilst we are discussing, what's the difference in killing them in the tank via the experiments and dosages with chemicals, any die off is actually in your tank which in theory is evaporating as moisture into the air of your room.
Is there any difference..?

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