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guys I don't know if this is useful here or not, but I want to offer this just in case it relates in SOME way to what is going on here in the thread. I want to eradicate this stuff from our hobby tanks just as much as anyone.
So.. I, like many, have been fighting dinos. I even took out my sand bed in my sps tank. It was still hanging on to the live rock though. its a tough battle, we all know that.
in an unrelated decision I decided to try the new KZ color system (its a 4 part thing)... ummm.. my rocks are CLEAN of ANY dinos... I don't know if it is related to what is being studied here or not, or if it is simply by chance, but a few weeks of dosing according to many suggestion and the dines are gone from the rocks.
Again, I'm sorry if it is a different direction of the thread, but I wanted to post just in case it may strike a thought with someone.
Best to you all.

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