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Reefer 350 build

Coming back to the hobby after 20+ years, because the wife and kids wanted a tank...also, this is a repeat post of a thread I started in the red sea forum...oops...

Welp, here is my build...

In the past week I have placed a few orders...some sponsors ship a LOT faster than others (and that is appreciated).

I have the stand together and plan to do some plumbing this weekend if I don't end up out of town. Right now the limiting factor is the RODI unit. It was ordered Monday and I got all the emails regarding it, but still no tracking number.

Items ordered:
-Kessil 360AW and mounts
-Salt, misc kits.
-extra socks
-Tunze 6095

Items considering:
-Media reactor
-Tunze 3155 to rig to the stock ATO (really don't like the float)
-Under cabinet lighting, deciding on tiny refuge or not first.
-rock-considering about 100# of Manado from PA or the possible TBS package or just going with Pukani Dry and some Manado or bottle magic to seed.

Wanted to order a new apex, however, in my experience I have seen good products go south pretty quick on version changes, especially when they start pushing it's connect ability. I will probably order an APEX, but will most likely go with the proven version.

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