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Well, this morning plumbed the overflow. It's a tight fit to torque the overflows and much easier to come from underneath to get them to seat. Not a lot of "-# are needed, but coming from the bottom is easier. Glued connections on plumping.

I have 2x tunze 6095 coming (hopefully) next week with my RO unit. Ordered these on the 24th and still don't having a tracking number. Might call and cancel the order and just go with another vendor if they don't get moving along. Premium Aquatics who shipped the pump and skimmer had the tracking scanned and out the door the morning after I ordered it-kudos to them.

Still deciding to APEX or not (Tunze 7096 and Kessil Spectral Controller). I do like the idea of adding a Kalk drip or 2 part dose where that can go overnight and terminate if pH is too high. But I ABHOR constantly having to tool with or babysit technology. Actually have a thread on this in the beginner forum.

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