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Originally Posted by africangrey View Post
Three month ago I got 16oz AlgaGen ReefPods Tisbe to combat Ostis bloom, while it worked for a certain extend but the pods diminished overtime because there was nothing for them to sustain their lives in my zeo driven tank. Now my phosphate is measured 0.00 using UL Hanna checker, the dino has made come back in full force.

Just ordered 5280 Pods contains from which claimed to contain live Tigriopus, Tisbe, and Apocyclops Copepods in a mix. once arrived, will dump the whole thing to my 100 gal reef and see them go wild after Ostis, then I came across a report stating that toxin release from dino would eventually immobilize pods render their effectiveness in combating an out break. What should I do at this point?
Run a bunch of carbon to remove the toxins. Feed the pods

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