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Well, the big box o' aquarium crap showed up today. BRS took very good care of me....even upgraded my shipping due to some confusion on shipping address so it could arrive in time for the weekend.

So, I hooked up the RO to get it purging. Wanted to put ~6" of water in overflow to check fittings for leaks, got that done. Will let it sit overnight to see if I have anything on the floor in the morning. Thinking of doing a run with just freshwater to make sure the plumbing is all good and the electronics are in a decent place before I add sand/etc, then drain and do a salt run. Another thought to this is my rubbermaid cans for mixing have a very "plastic"smell. Maybe a freshwater run will prevent anything extra from going into tank.

Minor issue- The RD3 50w pump has about a 1 meter cord from it's controller, and quite a bit of cord from the controller to pump. Would like that reversed, as the way the reefer is set up with plumbing, I can either set controller on the non-sump side of the sump, but would have to remove the bulkheads of the tank to pass controller through. Or I can just go for a tight fit with their meter cord. It's a minor issue though....more of an observation for those who go forward with this pump tank combo.

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