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Another boring photo, but with water. Filled with fresh RODI and have the pump running, overflow set, did a power off test and have power to skimmer.


-The pump is dead quiet. Honestly at a 32w setting there is more hum/noise from the Tunze 6095 head.

-I have read a few threads where there were issues dialing in the overflow valve to where it's not sucking. It took me about 15 minutes...and one needs to go more closed than open...think almost closed-I am about a 1/4 turn open, that gives me about an 1" below the emergency overflow.

-without a heater, I am holding the low end of my temp range. Lights are not on it. This is good...don't want to go chiller route.

Going Forward-

-Ordering a Tunze top off to run off the ATO. A number of users have reported marginal success with the float valve. Not even going to mess with it. I will use the included ATO unless I am away for a few days, then go 5 gallon. User Brianinsac reports that a cover gets nearly 4 days of top-off water with the included ATO box. A 5 gallon will get me a week going by his temp observations.

-Instead of dumping a large amount of good RODI water, I will drain 10-15 gallons in the brute to mix salt. There is nothing wrong with this water...particles that were in the tank from shipping went to the socks.

-still deciding on rock...we are thinking of either 1) ~ 75 lbs of Pukani that has been cultured from PA, or 2) a 55 lb box of walt smith 2.1 mixed with about 25 lbs of Manado.

Decisions Decisions

Build Thread
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