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Yesterday I hooked up the APEX to the pump and skimmer. Spent a little time getting familiar with APEX, hooked the Tunze 6095 to the APEX and used the Apex wizard to start a little program for circulation-nothing complicated or cool-just 30% on both pumps overnight ramping up to 100% and alternating flow.

Member Slief has a thread here regarding apex/tunze pumps and programming. Interesting read. Played around with it some last night, got frustrated, then defaulted to the above pump programming. Seems I need to get to the classic interface of Apex, I can do that, but could not access any other pages in apex from the classic interface. Probably a network thing, and I assume something simple, at the moment I will just run what works and continue on with the tank vs network diagnostics (yawn)-save that for later.

Putting the Kessils on today.

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