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Originally Posted by SCARYBO View Post
How do you like the Kessil's? I'm comparing those with Hydra 52 for an SPS tank.
Scary, I did not care for the look of the older kessils, wayyyyy too much shimmer for me...looked artificial. The new ones are toned down. Being new and previously using VHO bulbs 20 years ago, I wanted something more idiot proof with the light spectrum...hence the new kessils. Plus I also liked the cleanness of their mounts.

Old cabin...I am no aquascaper.

Tank is slowly clearing. Put in a 300w finnex hmo. Seems it is about 4 degrees above my apex probe...going to have to find something to calibrate. Currently have it plugged into a relay on eb8 and set 77 on 78 off, with the thermostat at 81. Might have to bump the thermostat on the heater up another degree.

The sandstorm settled out...Had some in my sump, cleaned socks in RO and the black filter...tried my best to get most of the 'dust' out of the sump...can't be good on pumps.

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