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Well, rock arrived as planned. Richard emailed me early this morning that it shipped, and again when it was at the SWA cargo just across town. I ordered 3-25# boxes, total weight ended up being around 161# (water, boxes, etc). Shipping from Tampa to Love Field was 150.00 total. The cargo pickup is the shortest line at that airport.

Brought it home...started looking for bad stuff. Found a couple small questionable crabs, too small to ID. Plenty of good stuff, sponges (one very large), the familiar clicking sound (visually ID'ed two pistol shrimp), Porcelain crabs, few tiny starfish, feather dusters, cucumber, etc. Very cool little package.

Salinity is 1.025, ph is 7.94, temp is 76.8, skimmer off now but going back on in 30 or so...making water to prepare for NH4 change if necessary.

Richard at TBS is incredibly easy to deal with...I expected freight charges to be more.

Still thinking of layout...I like the left side(see 2nd photo below) (big sponge of some sort in the front...enjoy it while I can but it might be short lived), but the right side is pretty clumsy. I don't claim to be an aquascaper...

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