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Originally Posted by jason2459 View Post
Well, hold on there. I had, as well as others, quite impressive results with metronidazole. It seems like you are following that thread over there so you can also find my results there in that thread and in a separate one I documented more details and summaries in this thread.

The bleach is still experimental. You didn't mention how many days is needed. We don't know exactly. Bleach also had some fish deaths. To the person experimenting fish death was an acceptable loss. So, yes it seems so far to be effective but we don't know if it is also truly 100% effective (I have my doubts), if it effects more then just what we want to target (we know if doesnt but dont know to what extent at the micro level), and is certainly more dangerous to overdose.

I am hesitant to try that method out due to the risk factors. Fish are what I care about most in my tank, next my anemones and the tiniest things you can look at. We know it's possible effects on fish but not on anemones or other small organisms.
Yeah, I know when I first saw that post the thought of putting bleach into a tank is very scary proposition but I have to say I was really desperate to try anything. There one rabbit fish, two Randall's gobies, a candy cane shrimp pair and 2 cleaner shrimps. I started my first dose 2 days ago, after adding 3.75mL of 8% chlorine to my 100gal reef, all inhabitants (rabbit fish, two Randall's gobies, a candy cane shrimp pair and 2 cleaner shrimps) are still well and eating, though I don't really know the long term effect of bleach would have on the fish.

This morning after 2 days of 4 doses, a sample tank water were examined under the microscope and I saw dramatic reduction of dino. I am going to continue this regimen for 2 weeks and hopefully it would completely decimate any of those buggers.

Jason, I would love to see your summary and observation on the other site.

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