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Originally Posted by bertoni View Post
Oops, I had to fix a typo in my post. I meant a Lugol's dip for the corals, and maybe a fresh water dip for the fish.
Possibly dinos hanging on the fish skin and gills would drop off, but you also have to deal with the ones in their gut. In a severely infested tank there could be a dino in every drop of water and on most of the algae a tang would be eating all day. I'd bet dinos or cysts could be found in all my fish guts at all times. Cross contamination is almost certain for amateurs since a finger dipped in an infested tank is likely to move dinos into the quarantine tank.

Then there is the question if these dinos also find their way into corals.

I think all tanks have multiple species of harmful dinos that are kept in place, by the invisible force.
(That is likely to be a chemical war in balance).

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