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Can we trust 80 scientists?

It's amazing how little we know of the toxins we as reefers are harboring at home.
We know what a single dinoflagellate in the bloodstream can do and that they can get airborne with ocean mist and that the toxins persist through boiling.

Knowing that, I can imagine they persist through drying out and reefers are bound to breath in small amounts from dried out splashes, nets, equipment and filter socks and we have no information on the long term exposure effects. We also bring them into our bodies with our fingers and hands.

They could just as well be degrading our quality of life right now with subtle neurological symptoms on exposed organs like eyes, the airway and lungs. Can we prove that they don't do that?

In the ocean they stack up in exposed animals causing poisoning in people that eat them. Are we immune to these stacking effects as we eat or breath dinos. Do we know if they don't effect they brain? Are our kids safe?

We should be concerned and careful especially if we have visible dinos in our mini reefs at home.
The lack of knowledge is disturbing so I recommend all of the precautions.

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