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Originally Posted by DNA View Post
Nobody has been able to rid their tank of dinos and repeat the method with success.
There is no cure....yet.

It could have been dinos the whole time, you just didn't realize it.
About my findings, it seems like dinos feed by trace elements, when I added water from my planted tank to increase my nitrates and phosphates I good a bloom, so dinos need some trace elements, that's why some people with bad RODI equipment have dinos.

Some food, specially coral food like reef roids/coral frenzy and some refrigerated food like cyclops see to feed them, I got bubbles to appear from nowhere in just a few minutes after adding this kinds of foods.

I think that dinos need lots of oxigen, I remember when one biologist was asking for samples and he wasn't able to keep them alive so to me I think the reason why they died is because of lack of oxygen so I'm doing some test with turning off all the water circulation equipment for about 2 hours daily. I've read a guy saying that he got rid of his dinos by boiling its water so increasing the temperature also reduces the oxygen so maybe somebody else with a microscope test this and check if this works, maybe just increasing the temperature to about 84 degrees with no skimmer for a few days will be enough to kill them.

I know, but I think I got them when I bought my first corals, this guys doesn't even use RODI as top of water, I didn't know about that because I was a noob with reef keeping.

Now my current plan is this:

Increased nitrates and phosphates, but it seems like I also have to increase alkalinity, calcum and magnesium, without increasing all of them seems to be useless.

I got some live sand from my LFS, I told him that I needed lots of microfauna creatures so I hope this new sand which I just added (my DSB incresed by 1 cm) helps to kill this Ostreopsis (not checked yet with a micro but I'm pretty sure is that one).

I need to identify this Dino, I'm pretty shure it is Ostreopsis but I have to confirm.

I never did the blackout because seems useless so instead I'm keeping my lights as if I didn't had dinos.

Since I have a mandarin, using a H2O2 will kill all his food so H2O2 is not an option either.

I was thinking about metronidazole but it seems that doesn't kills them so I don't think this will be a good idea.

I also was thinking to get real sea water but not sure if it's gonna help.

Right now my corals are recovering, with the exception of a pulsing xenia and a kenia tree, my birdnest seems to be gone .

Right now my skimmer doesn't runs all the time, and my chaeto is not getting all the light either so I can increase my phosphates and nitrates.

I removed my filtration sponges, I'm just relying on my skymmer, chaeto and live sand/rock as filtration.

I was thinking to get some phyto but the only one accessible seems to be that kent ChromaMax and PhytoMax but not sure if it's gonna help.

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