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I tried to keep my nitrates and phosphates a little bit high for about 3ppm Nitrantes and 0.12 phosphates, algae started to appear, bubble algae and also and unknown black algae like that was covering dying and week corals so I had to reduce nitrates and phosphates again before this "algae" grew more.

I noticed that when I go 0 nitrates and then I let them rise I can see a clear glass and the coraline algae seems to be clear as well.

My coraline algae has covered every single plastic in my tank so to me seeing this alkaline algae to grow is gonna be pretty hard because it is everywere.

I'm pretty concern about this "black" algae that appear when I rise my nitrates because I think this is some other pest that you don't have so maybe I have to deal not just with dinos, correct me if I'm wrong.

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