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So, about a week into this, done a few days of the high pH thing, also did a wc. I will also note a couple observations.

1) I put in a magnetic frag rack to keep some small frags away from the bulldozer snails. I noticed this rack, which is up high to get a lot of light and no access from CUC...well, dino loves loves loves it. I would assume that this is because there is nothing walking on it, disrupting it's growth or molesting it in any way.

Since dino is in our systems just not all at 'ugly' levels. Could a dino 'outbreak' in a tank be because there is not enough natural movement of water and creatures to keep it from settling in a spot and 'getting ugly'? Stirring it up might help push it into the filter socks and skimmer, where it can be exported and the tank be kept looking decent.

2. Since my conchs are now off strike and back at work, the sandbed looks wonderful. This observation also kinda supports what I see on the frag rack above. I do think they eat the dino, but with a microscope and dissecting one, I will not know. Might try it at one point. I did order some FL and MEX cerith snails.

My tank has been fish free since July. There are some inverts in there that I target feed about once a week. I have been keeping fish free b/c of QT new fishes and getting a good fallow period prior (>4 months) to introducing fish. I had a minimal CUC - 9 snails, 2 conchs, couple shrimp. I think this practice has accelerated the problem quite a bit-too little going on results in a habitat where the dino can overpopulate and not be harassed.

One thing is bugging me though. After introducing GFO a few weeks back I had a strong die-off of GHA and my pH range dropped. With this I started seeing the dino. This goes in the too clean category and kinda follows the 'I made habitat for them' thought. So, I ordered a ball of cheato and some shaving brush macro. The cheato is going in the sump and the shaving brush is pretty enough to go in the DT. I also dumped a bag of pods in the tank. A little GHA is not bad, but when we start taking stuff to the extreme with ultra low PO4 then we can expect the lowest common denominator life forms to move in.

Anyway, just some thoughts and observations. I will chime back in after I double up on CUC and get the plants in the tank.

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