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Vibrant by UWC testing

This bacteria in a bottle supplement caught my attention not because of their wild claims of irradiation of cyano, hair algae, bryopsis, dinoflagelets, etc but because people have actually shown some progress in eliminating those pests with this product. And not just one or two reviews on their site or sponsor forum.

I know I have all the above in my tank as I've dealt with all of them in the past and can still see them under the microscope.

Our tank's biology up close

In that thread in the last few pages shows samples from my tank leading up to testing out Vibrant.

Now normally I can't visually see any of that in my tank. No plague like growths of any of it. But what I've found in the past either by accident or on purpose I can cause a nice bloom. Normally I don't do anything beyond what I normally do and it all goes away (visually) on its own. Usually takes several weeks to a couple months. I have the patience to wait it out.

So, just like I've done before I tipped the scales and caused a nice cyano and slight dinoflagelets bloom. It also looks like I spurred on some hair algae which is perfect.

Leading up to the starting dosage of Vibrant

And kept tilting to get those dino bubbles going

And kept tilting to make sure the tank will sustain this bloom

I have maintained that nice growth for a couple weeks.

I added 20ml of Vibrant on Sunday.

This was Monday

Some hair algae on the rock next to the goniopora

I'm looking forward to seeing what it looks like tonight.

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