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Some background on my tank.

Started in 2009
Lots of fish
Lots if mishaps (latest one end of 2014 killing all higher inverts/corals not buried away)
lots of food

4x per day my automatic feeder dumps in some pellets NLS marine and NLS algaemax mixed together (12pm, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm)
2-3x per day I dump in some meaty foods
2-3 sheets of nori per day.

What I do for maintenance:

Originally Posted by jason2459 View Post
It's really a combination of everything which I didn't come up with any of it. It's been researching and reading up what others have done here on reefcentral. PaulB and Randy were big influences and what I've incorporated at the beginning. TMZ has influenced some changes as well like dosing limewater separate from my ATO on a timer and carbon sources.

I also think some of it is what I don't do. Like I don't believe in heavy mechanical filtration or keeping everything squeaky clean. I do not, will not, and do not care to have a tank of the month either. I'm with PaulB there. And like Randy I don't do anything to the detritus in my sump. It just builds up over time like mud and turns into food and shelter. I don't mess with my sand bed but do like PaulB and create a typhoon in my tank with a diatom filter once a year or so (sometimes longer).

So, what I actively do that I think helps....

I'll copy paste what I've posted recently in another thread.

There's so many ways to run a reef tank. Many people have posted stellar examples using so many different methods and there's many people failing trying to use the same exact methods.

For me I use a mixed approach and don't depend on any single thing to be the main "thing" to maintain my tank.

Carbon dosing with vinegar to reduce nitrates and maintain low phosphates and directly feed other organisms, besides just bacteria, in the tank.

Skimmer to help remove excess bacteria exporting what they've consumed and anything else that attaches to the bubbles. Plus helping to aerate the water and boost my pH.

Some kind of algae harvesting to work with the carbon dosing to help remove unwanted elements and nutrients. Currently running a Turbo ATS. Slight pH increase from it.

Reversed Under gravel filter to increase microfauna, pods, worms, sponges, etc plus it may help reduce nitrates.

~1% daily automatic water changes exporting whatever and importing stuff.

Then a periodic (1-2x per year) typhoon with a diatom filter.

Long running tank journal

rebuild and recovery log:
No more red house, you'll have to click on my name and visit my homepage!

You can check out my parameters at reeftronics dot net website and look for my username.

Current Tank Info: 180g mixed reef w/ a beananimal overflow to a dolomite RRUGF. | 20g long G. Smithii Mantis Tank
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