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Well, a few things I have done have visually eliminated the substrate buildup of what I thought to be Amphidinium.

1) Took GFO offline, was probably using too much too fast, and this brought my PO4 down big time, which probably allowed the Amphidinium to move into place because they were not competing with the upper algae types. Since taking GFO offline I am getting more green stuff on the rocks and my PO4 today was .27. I was running almost 1/4 c + and changing regularly every few days, did get the PO4 down under .07, but with it appeared the Amphidinium.

2) Changed carbon, running Seachem Purigen.

3) Added a bag of Pods. Added some Dr. Tims. Added some Phyto. Added some macro in the fuge.

4) Used Kalk over a few random days to bring pH up to 8.6-8.8 during lit period. Did this for 4 days with a break in between.

I doubt it's gone, but the environment has changed and is holding it back from being ugly.

One odd thing, I did add a frag rack, and that is pretty high in the tank and it is getting a dusting of a different brown bubbling dino. I think this stuff like to go to an environment that it does not have to compete in.

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